Sky High Views, Take 2

Condo projects present many challenges.

Firstly, the floor plans are generally all the same, so it can be hard to tell one suite from another.

Secondly, the floor of the condo we are working on is someone else’s ceiling.  Which means we can’t move plumbing, drains or any other services that come through either the floor slab or the ceiling concrete.

Then there is the issue of moving materials into the suite.  Everything has to come through an elevator.

Our client for this beautiful suite had seen work we had done elsewhere in the same building, with the same floor plan as his suite.  He wanted us to do the exact same renovations as we had done for our other client.

We said No.

Then we said we would do something unique, just for him.

We moved the dining room into the former library which was little used.  We also extended the new open dining room into the living room with a double sided fireplace acting as the defining element.  This created a spectacular space that wraps two sides of the building.

The kitchen was retained however, it too had been closed off from the rest of the condo.  We opened this up to the living room as well and installed two glass wine cellars to provide a dramatic statement.

With this new open expanse, the detailing remained simple.  Really, it’s all about the view.