Sky High Views, Take 1

With some condominium projects, we get involved before the suite is built. This gives us an opportunity to change major aspects of the floor plan.  This can be an advantage, as it allows our clients to modify the space to suit their tastes and needs, rather than having to renovate after they take possession, or try and make their lifestyles fit the stock floor plan of the building.

For this suite, we were able to turn one of the 3 bedrooms into a library and TV room.  We changed an entry way walk-in closet into a wine cellar and opened up the kitchen to the living room creating a more casual space that suited their entertaining needs.

We also took a much simpler and contemporary approach to the detailing, which made the entire suite feel fresh.

Our approach to any project is to make a statement which reflects our client and their tastes, not necessarily ours.  However sometimes our tastes align with our clients’ aesthetic, which lets us extend the creative options and explore new ideas.  As much as we enjoy all of our projects, these projects hold a special place for us.