High in the Sky With Amazing Views

In the past few years, there has been a shift in design desires. Many of our clients towards creating spaces that are more adventurous, contemporary and even dramatic.

The challenge in highrise living spaces is in creating a unique space that reflects the individuality of our clients. We are challenged with getting away from the cookie cutter floor plans that look like every other suite in the building.

Our client for this project has worked with us on several other homes over the years. This relationship gave us more creative liberty. We got to take the project further since he let us present ideas that moved away from safe.  This trust allowed us to create a more striking and dramatic design. Although they were open to changes, they wanted to retain some existing elements. They knew what they liked and wanted to keep aspects of previous living spaces they felt comfortable with.

We were able to keep the best of previous spaces and add touches of drama, black doors, and baseboards: sharper contrasts.  We altered the colouration of the apartment to match their desire for a warmer palette with gold hues not beige.

The focus remains on the view.  We work with the best elements, framing them, making colour blocks, keeping textures and patterns contained where they won’t compete with the beautiful skylines.