Interior Design

Crayon Design offers a variety of services. We do planning, development of an overall direction, budgeting, complete packages of drawings including; lot planning, interior and exterior drawings, we provide finish selections, supervision, and the final move in. Crayon Design can tailor our services to fit any residential projects budget.

For our clients – building a home or doing a renovation is one of the largest investments in your life. This is where Crayon can help. As qualified construction and design experts, we represent our clients and the homes we help create.

We can take over management from day one to finish date, or we can also simply be your guide along your new home journey to ensure the construction process does not become overwhelming and complicated. We can work to make your construction projects happen smoothly, are built correctly and look amazing.

We are planning experts. Our expertise includes; working with building departments, hiring outside consultants when needed, locating services and laying out a property on a piece of land. Many aspects of a home build need to be coordinated before we can begin drawings, and good planning at the beginning stages of a project is paramount.

We are design experts. It goes beyond the question of if we can make a space look beautiful and unique, it is a question of how can we make a space look beautiful and unique for you. We deal in ideas; we can work with you to find the right fit. We guarantee that we will always have a creative, trendsetting design for every space that is tailored to your style and needs.

We are product specialists. It is our job, and we do it well, new finishes, new construction techniques, green home solutions, lighting, plumbing, or whatever the job requires – we are on the cutting edge with knowledge of the newest technology and how to implement it into our designs. We will know the right product, for the right purpose, in the budget you approve.

We are supervisors. Our job doesn’t end when construction begins; we inspect, oversee and document a job in progress to maintain our expected level of quality. We will have a solution to all problems that will ensure the quality of the build, or that the design remains unchanged. Crayon Design strives to ensure that all projects are built on time, to budget and are above all expectations.

We are customer service. We are able to effectively translate what you want, into our drawings – and into a language that the builder understands. Crayon acts as the liaison between the client and the builder, and we work with our clients before, during, and long after the job is finished.