Answered: Your Most Common Interior Designer Style Questions!

Finding a design language that is fluent with you is crucial to designing a home that you will love. But deciding what style best fits you can be a challenge. We have compiled and answered some of the most common interior designer style questions.


Do all interior designers have set styles that they follow?

Some interior designers are known for their trademarked style. You hire them to fit their signature look into your home. If you like their style this can be an easy way to find a design. However, they will likely be reusing features, designs, and styles that have already been applied in other homes or projects.


What a trademarked style lacks is a sense of you and a sense of individuality. These styles are not designed match your personality or to add a unique flair. The design ends up being a little more cookie-cutter.


If you just want to capture a designer’s signature style this can be a good way to go. If you are looking for something that reflects your own individuality and needs, there are better options.

Why does Crayon Design not do this?

Crayon Design is not intent on branded design. When you hire Crayon Design for interior design, you hire us as an extension of yourself. We believe this doesn’t just make for more interesting projects for us, but for more satisfaction for our clients.


After all, it’s your home we are working with. The most important thing should be getting what you want, not what the interior designer wants.  We take your needs and desires, and filter them down into full fleshed out projects.


This helps us create interior designs that are unique to you, and better suited to your needs. It also leaves us free to add little touches that simply make day-to-day usage more enjoyable. For example, we built an entire house for a client where all the doorknobs were several inches lower than average. Just to help them feel more comfortable in their home.


How do I communicate my style preferences to you?

Some people struggle to communicate their style preferences to interior designers. There is a concern that the designer knows best, and they know the trends. But, unless you are planning on flipping the house after the project is complete, the trends aren’t that important. Trends come and go, what is important is getting what you want. So it’s important to communicate your style preferences when working with an interior designer.  This comes from developing a trust and understanding that the designer is working for you, and has your best interests at heart.


One of the ways to show your preferred styles is to find images of things you like. Even if you don’t know what drew you to a particular image, include it.  The designer will see trends or common themes in your images and be able to articulate these themes to you. The more images and samples you can provide, the better a picture we can piece together to determine what fits your individual style.


We use these images to establish themes, lightness, textures, and patterns. We communicate these with you to ensure they match your wants.


Working with couples, we find there is often one person in a relationship who prefers to take charge of the project. We are happy to have this involvement and excitement in the project and we also want to make sure the other person is not left out of the equation, too. We listen and look for the things that are important to both people and go beyond the expectations to create something that works for everyone.


Crayon Design aims to be fully responsive with our clients. The project is about you. We make sure you remain engaged in decisions along the line. When editing we provide two or three directions to clarify your options and build a project you like. You also get visual walkthroughs and renderings to give images of how the project will look when finished. So you have assurances about what you are getting.

I Don’t have a strong sense of style how can I be expected to contribute?

This is okay, it just means you are a blank palette waiting to discover your design style. It can actually be a good thing, as you aren’t predisposed to any limiting concepts. All you have to do is keep an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you do and don’t like.


Crayon will help you discover your personal design style and also help you balance that style with your day to day life. Through the course of this exploration, you may uncover a few new aspects of yourself that hadn’t been known before.  The creation of your own living space is a chance to step outside of your comfort level knowing that you have experts at hand to help you through the process.


I thought you were supposed to be the design experts

Our goal isn’t to build our project and move on. This is your home. You’re the one who will be living here once we’re finished. To get the most comfortable and usable space for you, we’ll need to work together.


There may be times where the interior designer will be expected to make decisions. We have no problem with that. Crayon will be as involved as you like. But we will make you involved in both the major decisions as well as a lot of minor decisions that may not seem important.  To us, all decisions are important and we don’t want to assume we know what you want.


This doesn’t mean we will just run with any idea you have. We are proud of what we do and if we think an idea may not fit, we will let you know and discuss options. We will offer  good alternatives to any situation in order to meet your needs.  Our commodity is ideas.  We are not offended if the first idea out of the gate isn’t enough, we know we can find something that will work.


Our reputation is built on and maintained by making projects that look good and work as intended. In the end, these are factors that are subjective and determined by our clients. So it’s imperative for us to create interior design that matches your unique style.



When we start a project, we really don’t know where it will lead us.  However we know it will be good and we know our clients will be happy.  That is certain.