Project Oversight

Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved

              Mattie Stepanek, poet

A great project starts with good design.  Making sure all of the people involved in the project understand the design requires more than a set of drawings.  Supervision is a key component, and we feel that our work, and our clients, are best served by making sure that the vision we put forward through the project shows in the end product.

A project may include architects, structural engineers, landscape architects, energy audit consultants, storm water management, geo technical engineers, builders, planners, contractors, clients, and our own team. Even the smallest projects can have a lot of moving parts. Working independently, none of these parts is as effective as they can be working together.  Our role is to provide a single point of contact for everyone, and one person the client can call to ensure nothing falls between the cracks.

Project oversight helps to ensure that each of the people or companies involved are on the same page, working towards a common goal.

Our role is to make sure that we are all pulling in the same direction, meeting the time line, budget and end result that we agreed to in the beginning.

Project oversight benefits our clients as they can be assured that they have excellent professional advice and guidance through the entire construction process. We act as our client’s eyes and ears on the project, as well as bringing issues to their attention and coming up with solutions that meet their needs, without sacrificing any of the ideas or end goals we had planned.  Our clients can be confident that their vision will come to life in the timeframe and budget they approved, and can choose to be involved as much, or as little as they are comfortable with.  We know many clients lead busy lives and cannot afford to be looking after the day to day details of a construction project or renovation, and that is where we can assist.  We understand construction, how to direct trades, what to watch for at various stages of the project and how to avoid potential issues.

The construction team working on the project benefits from our supervision as well. Having one place to go to for questions, and decisions prevent hiccups and miscommunications, so the project moves forwards at all times.

 What is Project Oversight?

Project oversight is a supervision and co-ordination service that reviews the entire construction process from hiring consultants, to the moment our clients walk through the door of their finished home. Worksite communication and coordination is improved for a more efficient process with better results.

How Project Oversight works

Every project is a little different, so the approach to project oversight differs for each job. The level of co-ordination varies depending on the specific needs of each client or project.

When necessary, we can be on site daily, in constant communication with the general contractor and their trades, ensuring that drawings are being followed and attend to site issues effectively. Sometimes, such a hands-on approach is not required and a weekly site visit to recap on any questions or issues is all that is required.  Sometimes, our work is done only in the office: reviewing shop drawings, pricing, attending to changes as a result of site conditions.

When Does Project Oversight Start?

A lot of the coordination we do begins well before construction, from sourcing, dealing with the building department, budgeting, sending out drawings for pricing and reviewing quotes.

As they say, “measure twice and cut once” – this is true when it comes to ensuring a project meets expectations.