Scollard Townhouse

When we first met our client for this home, the house was just starting construction. This gave us time to make some changes to the plan, to accommodate specific requests from the home owner.

We added a chilled wine cellar with glass walls in the kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, family room, library and master bedroom and we also wired the house for music and integrated TV everywhere.

The main floor, second and third floor were built with hydronic in floor warming, which ensured that all floors were warm underfoot, including the polished marble slab flooring on the main level.

Once the structure and major design elements were set, we could turn our focus to the finishing. The custom stair runner complimented the design of the glass and wood handrail which connects the house vertically over 5 stories.

Many of the features, furnishings and finishing were purchased by the client from their travels in Europe where they had maintained a house for 5 years. The French influence is evident throughout; putti busts from the flea markets of Paris, lighting from small ateliers discovered walking through Montmartre, artwork collected from small galleries in the outskirts of Paris. All of these become personal touches that reflect the life of the home owners and create a character in the house that is totally unique.

In all, this house took close to 3 years to design, build and finish. The work required is evident throughout. With all the interior finishing required, getting the furniture, rugs, wall paper and drapes took close to 8 months of that time frame. We worked closely with the client to ensure that they were aware of the time frames and could make good decisions about purchases. Nothing was rushed, however we also knew that they had a target move in date, which we were able to work towards.

Every project has it’s story. This one is almost a book.