Loft Living

Sometimes a space is great just the way it is, and doesn’t need much to make it comfortable. With many of the conversions of old warehouse buildings, the original industrial barn doors and brick walls lend themselves to the adage “Less is More”.

When the architecture becomes the decoration all that is required is simple furnishings, clean lines and a casual attitude that allows an open concept floor plan to be a home. There are no crown moldings, fancy wall papers or elaborate detailing.

We had been hired by the developer for this conversion project to create individual spaces and help all the suite owners tailor their living spaces to their needs. We worked with each buyer to help them understand how to use the space and get the most out of it.

There are fewer conversion projects happening these days, which makes them even more unique. The lifestyle that works in a space like this is casual, loose and flexible. Understanding how to make a space work, based on the architecture is key to the success of the project.