Condo design can be challenging. There are restrictions on what can be renovated, how heating systems function, what lighting can be installed and the general aggravation of hauling everything up and down an elevator.

Our client for this project had purchased a new suite prior to construction, from a developer. Although we had met them during the initial customization program for the developer, we did not get involved with the suite until after the client had closed on their purchase of the condo.

One of the fears of buying a suite on paper, without seeing it, is not knowing how exactly the suite will be built. When our client was able to see the suite in person, they knew they needed some help to make the space their own and called us.

Our role for this project was mostly decorating: purchasing furniture, installing lighting and adding some customization details that made the space more personal. As with many projects, once we started looking at the options, we increased the scope of work to include changing the interior doors, extending stone flooring and making enclosures for the fan coil heating units so they weren’t so obvious.

The end result was a huge improvement on where the condo started. Our client was so thrilled that when they decided to move, their first call was to us, to help them on their next purchase.