Downtown Living Take 2

We have seen a trend over the last several years that some of our clients who believe they would like to retire to the country in fact find the country just a little too quiet. As a result, they purchase a pied-à-terre so they can get their big city fix of concerts, events and dining out.

These homes can be more adventurous at times, allowing our clients to stretch their comfort levels beyond what their expectations would normally be.

For this project, our client opted for a completely contemporary interior which would allow them to showcase their collection of contemporary Canadian artwork as well.

The white background was carried through the wood flooring, cabinets, wall colour and tile work. Dramatic accents were utilized to ensure that the space did not get dull. Metallic finishes, mirror, glass and leather kept the textures under control.

A contemporary space requires simple gestures. Clean lines and blocks of shapes are sometimes harder to engineer than details designed to cover gaps, like crown molding and baseboards.

Finding the balance between simple and easy is a trick as it requires a good knowledge of construction. We work closely with trades and suppliers to learn the best ways to accomplish an end product. Sometimes what looks easy, in fact, was very tricky to pull off well.