Arts & Crafts Conversion

We took on a contract to design a facelift for a lovely home that the previous owners neglected.  The former brick house had been painted and was in need of a new porch.

We worked with the client to use this opportunity to give the house a facelift.  In reality, it was a whole new façade.

First of all, we removed the brick. Next, we added a new steel structure inside the front wall to support the 7’ cantilever on the porch roof. This resulted in eliminating the need for columns. We also added custom steel brackets to support the rolled cedar shake porch roof.

Extra long limestone brick replaced the clay brick, and the entire colour palette modified to become tonal shades of taupe contrasted by the warmth of the cedar and copper.

We concealed the new lighting for the porch and front door area.  This gave more prominence to the architecture and removed a decorative element which is distracting to the overall look we are trying to achieve.

Green Apple Design completed the landscaping for this project. They extended the porch floor as part of the walkway, which brought the garden right to the front door.