Developer Services

In 1995 we discovered that developer services were an aspect of Interior Design that was being overlooked in Toronto’s construction industry. We teamed up with several developers to provide a higher level of quality control to the interiors of new condominium projects under construction.

By supervising and coordinating the range of the interior finishes for each suite we were able to provide a bridge for the purchasers of the suites and the builder in charge of constructing the project.

We developed a software system that allows us to document all selections for each condominium suite, price it, approve it with the purchaser and then format the selections for the builder, trades, and developer. Whether the project is 20 suites or 2000 suites, all information is contained on our website and accessible to each developer, builder or trade and can be sorted as required.

We meet with each purchaser to discuss their suite, resolve any questions and maintain the flow of information to ensure clarity with everyone involved. Our knowledge of high-rise construction and production building ensures that our role is not only to supervise information flow, but also an affirmation for the purchaser that we are controlling the finishes of their suite to suit their taste.

We believe that by integrating these services as early as possible in the design and construction process of every condo we can ensure buyer satisfaction that their suite does not look like every other suite in the project while ensuring cost and information control for the developer throughout the construction process.

Our knowledge of both high and low-rise multi-unit production homes at both entry-level and high-end market prices makes us suitable to work with any purchaser base, be it investors, young professionals, growing families or purchasers who are upgrading. To many purchasers, we will be the first time they have worked with an interior designer, and we strive to create an amazing experience for each and every person.

To date, we have worked on 6,500 units in over 30 projects and counting. Make sure your next development project has the supervision and quality control required to avoid common complications or delays.