Interior Office Design – Creating a Work Environment that Stands Out

There are hundreds of reasons why clients may choose one company’s services over another. It is essential for small businesses to ensure they give off the best possible first impression when reaching out to new clientele. Through attractive branding, a professional website, and an engaging presence at networking events, you are able to gain your potential clients’ interest. It’s when you bring them back to your office that you are able to effectively seal the deal.

So what does your office say about your business? Is it built to impress? Does it reflect your brand’s values? Is it too cluttered, dark, and uninviting?

With an upgrade in interior design, your small office has the power to not only impress clients, but also provide advantages for your employees working within the space.

bbii office design

Crayon’s Experience With Small Office Interior Design

Crayon Design has experience overhauling the interiors of office spaces. The work we typically do is in smaller offices that are looking to stand out. Here are two examples of completed projects.

BBII Importers

Crayon’s founder, Cheryl Krismer, won her Canadian Designer of the Year award in 1987 for her work at BBII Importers’ office and showrooms.

The office was laid out awkwardly, roughly 20′ wide by 80′ long. Budget for this project was very limited, forcing us to take a more creative approach. This particular client didn’t have a predetermined concept in place. However, after the work was done, they decided to build their brand around the interior design theme.

Imagine the prospect of incorporating your brand’s theme, logo, and story into your office design to create a truly unique office.

Metrick System

This ad agency desired an open office concept and a design that reflected their quirky approach to their craft. They were open to new ideas, which worked well with our approach of “we don’t know what the outcome will be, but we know it will be cool.”

The end result of our Metrick System office design earned this creative advertising agency the rank of the “2nd coolest office headquarters in the world” by the Wall Street Journal and also an award of merit from ARIDO.

You can read more about this office interior design project here.

The End Result of Great Interior Office Design

Any design work put into your office space should achieve the following goals:

  • A design that reflects your company’s brand/ideals.
  • Less clutter and increased organization.
  • A working environment that inspires employees.
  • An office that impresses clients.

Crayon Design approaches office design with a focus on creating rhythm and movement throughout the course of somebody’s day. This ultimately increases workflow with a focus on keeping employees in motion in order to prevent them from becoming stagnant. Applying these principles to office design can create a better working environment as people become more comfortable, active, and productive.

Trends in Small Office Design

Less Cubicles, More Open Space

Cubicles are being phased out in favour of open office environments, made to increase verbal communication and collaboration. These open office concepts are now becoming more mainstream in contemporary offices. For example, traditionally designated work spaces are becoming community work stations. Moreover, with employees able to do the majority of their work off a laptop, their desk starts to become mobile as well.

Unconventional Work Areasdynamic work space

The standard office desk isn’t the ideal spot for every employee. By creating a space in the office with a different feng-shui or a calm room to meditate, you may see an increase in workers’ happiness and a decrease in stress. Comfy sofas, bean bag chairs, tiny gardens, and other comforts of home can help to attract and retain talent.

Dynamic Spaces

Smaller, growing companies may need an office that grows with them. Dynamic spaces are able to adapt to whatever you need your office to be at the time. Designate a dynamic space within your office for office parties, facilitate socialization among co-workers, and team brainstorming sessions.

Is It Time To Transform Your Office With Modern Design?

You have an amazing vision for your business. Your pride and aspiration should be reflected in everything from your business card to your website to your office. Contact our team of interior designers to see how we can turn your vision into a reality.