Beach House: Signs!

Signs! Signs! Putting up our sign!

residential_design_services_signThere is something that makes it official when we put up our company sign on a project as it starts construction. It feels like we are taking on more responsibility by putting our name out front for everyone to see.

Which is odd because it doesn’t really change the work we do or make it any more real.

Crayon Design Inc has done a lot of work in 30 years and we have always been responsible for ensuring that every project runs smoothly, gets done on schedule and meets the expectations of our clients.

However, when we put a sign up, we are also telling everyone around that this is our project and we do this before the project is complete. So if it doesn’t turn out well, there is no place to hide.

Not that we ever expect a project not to turn out well.

We know how it will turn out before a shovel goes in the ground. We have confidence in our abilities to create something that meets the expectations of the client and we have confidence in the trades that we work with. So there is really nothing left to chance.

We will show you more of this cottage interior design project as it gets completed. The before pictures and the during pictures are really interesting. I am sure the after pictures will be impressive.

So this is our virtual sign we are putting out there for everyone to see!

Stay tuned.