Ideas and Filters

I view our role as a both an idea generator and a filter.  This means firstly we never fall in love with an idea so strongly that we cannot be flexible when a client says they don’t like it.  Our commodity we sell is ideas.  If an idea doesn’t fit with a client’s vision, fine.  We can come up with more ideas until we find one that does fit.  I like this positive approach to a project.  Challenges are what make a project better.  (within limits).

Secondly, our role is also to edit.  Filter out the information which does not fit the project.  This can sometimes be more challenging – because it requires us to get into our client’s heads.  Sort of like Johnny Depp becoming Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and then Kemp in “The Rum Diaries”.

We have to see each project through our client’s needs.  Filter out what is relevant to them, not necessarily to us.  It means that we also try and create projects which are unique to our clients and hopefully don’t start to look like cookie cutter projects in a ‘Crayon’ style.

In the last few years, we had the opportunity to work on 3 condo suites that all started out almost identically.  They were situated above each other in the same building, same floor plan, same finishes.

Here is how they turned out.