Residential Services:

We specialize in creating custom interiors that not only reflect the tastes and aesthetics of the client but also take the project to somewhere new. At the start of each project there is an excitement that what will develop is unknown to us as well as the client. We are confident that each project exceeds everyone's expectations, and still remains on budget and on schedule.

Our first-hand knowledge of construction techniques and relationships with craftspeople across a wide range of mediums allows us to play with ideas for detailing of the space and furniture in the space as well. We work closely with an excellent range of artisans that bring their unique talents to the project.

Developer Services:

In 1995 we discovered that there was an aspect of Interior Design that was being overlooked in the construction industry in Toronto and teamed up with several developers to provide a level of quality control to the interiors of new condominium projects under construction. By supervising and co-ordinating the range of interior finishes for each project we were able to provide a bridge for the purchasers of the suites and the builder charged with constructing the project.

We developed a software system that allows us to document all selections for each condominium suite, price it, approve it with the purchaser, and then format the selections for the builder, trades and developer. Whether the project is 20 suites or 2000 suites, all information is contained on our website and accessible to each developer, builder or trade and can be sorted as required.

We meet with each purchaser to discuss their suite, resolve any questions and maintain the flow of information to ensure clarity with everyone involved. Our knowledge of high rise construction and production building ensures that our role is not only to supervise information flow, but also an affirmation for the purchaser that we are controlling the finishes of the interior spaces of their own unique suite.

We believe that by integrating these services as early as possible in the design and construction process of every condo we can ensure buyer satisfaction that their suite does not look like every other suite in the project, but also cost control for the developer through the construction process.

To date, we have worked on over 6,000 condo suites in over 30 projects.

What is full service?

Our job starts at the door. We take care of anything that is inside the space. We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, developers, and the client.  When needed we will call in other resources to provide their expertise, whether it's a code consultant, lighting designer or graphic designer. There are even times we can't contain ourselves and will work outside of the space. We have designed pools, additions, signage, landscaping, fences, decks or play houses.

We can provide sketches for ideas, full CAD drawings for space planning, lighting, electrical, construction detailing and building permits.  We do material and finishes specifications, furniture specifications or custom designed, drapery, paint schedules and wall treatments.

With over 25 years experience, we look at every project with an understanding of what is involved and eagerness to do something new.


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